Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks

List of co-authored works

          Meet-in-the-Middle Preimage Attacks against hash functions, occasionally for key recovery attacks on block ciphers and collisions.
  1. Zhenzhen Bao, Jian Guo, Danping Shi, Yi Tu: MITM Meets Guess-and-Determine: Further Improved Preimage Attacks against AES-like Hashing, 2021
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  7. Kazumaro Aoki, Jian Guo, Krystian Matusiewicz, Yu Sasaki, Lei Wang: Preimages for Step-Reduced SHA-2. ASIACRYPT 2009: 578-597

    Demirci-Selçuk Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks, mainly for key recovery attacks against block ciphers

  8. Jian Guo, Jérémy Jean, Ivica Nikolic, Yu Sasaki: Extended meet-in-the-middle attacks on some Feistel constructions. Des. Codes Cryptogr. 80(3): 587-618 (2016)
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